Brian Oxley’s radio experience is vast. Having worked for several of the country’s top radio stations such as Capital Radio 604, 5fm, SAfm and Radio 702/Cape Talk 567. He has hosted prime time music and talk shows, interviewing numerous celebrities and prominent captains of industry. He was the originator of the advertising industry’s Orchid & Onion Award (receiving an award himself from Hunt-Lascaris TBWA) and the Charity Chase where through his efforts on Radio 5fm, many worthy causes received major donations. He also helped re-launch the new LM Radio.

Brian has a variety of television experience. Producing inserts for a music Top 20 show , presenting a comedy news-feature on a late night talk show and hosting an outdoor lifestyle TV series. He has also appeared in a horror movie!

Coming from a very strong media background, Brian was co-director of his own Advertising and Marketing Agency and Publishing House and currently is the Chief Operations Officer of Wine-Mark, a marketing business he created, servicing the Cape wine estates.

A comprehensive background of electronics, telecommunications, IT and computer skills are several of Brian’s other achievements.

As a one-time former nightclub manager and DJ, Brian has worked and lived all over South Africa and Namibia.

Now Brian brings his considerable talents to the airwaves of the Cape. Broadcasting is in his blood and he’s helping to make Magic 828 am the best All-Hit Music-Radio station in the country.